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Extension Springs

We currently carry a massive stock of extension springs. Check out our inventory to get your extension springs fast!

How to filter our springs

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To find the correct spring for your application, you can filter the springs using the filter in the right hand column. Filter by diameter, wire diameter, length, spring rate, max load and price range.

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Item NumberOutside Diameter Wire Diameter Free Length Spring RateMaximum Load Initial Tension Price
HE 11270.50.0653.2507.79$6.86
HE 19151.0780.125.8409.2910.26$13.64
HE 20371.750.2512.00043.2172.99$24.64
HE 20391.8750.31213.750106.49151.07$29.04
HE 20652.0850.22513.7509.9157.80$30.36
HE 7970.3510.0341.9290.61$3.08
HE 8950.3750.07213.2508.6210.42$11.44
HE 9070.4150.0546.5802.412.84$9.24
HE 150.1410.0161.50.651.50.2$2.38
HE 250.1410.0161.870.491.50.2$2.38
HE 350.1480.0162.$2.55
HE 450.1560.021.51.472.50.4$2.38
HE 550.1560.021.841.172.50.4$2.43
HE 570.1560.021.931.12.50.4$2.46
HE 650.1560.022.50.842.50.4$2.64
HE 700.1860.0250.777.6940.6$2.81
HE 770.1870.0186.$6.95
HE 790.1870.01812.440.051.60.2$8.43
HE 800.1870.0251.52.753.90.6$2.46
HE 810.1870.0251.872.063.90.6$2.46